How to Use the Client and Projects Dashboard

On the ‘My Projects’ page, projects are sorted, by default, by client. Each client, to the right, shows the number of projects you have listed under them. Select the client you need to see projects for, and the projects will be shown beneath the client name. And the projects actually […]

Using Read Mode

Read Mode is an alternative viewing mode for your scope of work. When you have a scope of work open, you can find the Read Mode toggle at the top of the page. Toggling Read Mode on allows you to see the details for each card without having to spend […]

Starting a New Project in Brainleaf

Alright, you’ve got your account up and running. There’s a new project you need to prep for, and you want to try out this Brainleaf thing. But…how? We get it. It can be a bit daunting. Especially if it’s your first time. But don’t worry. We’ve got this. To start […]

Selecting Cards in the Scope Editor

Each individual element, each individual¬†task, of a project can be represented by a single card in your scope of work. This allows you to break your project down to, essentially, its atomic level. And sometimes you’ll need to manipulate the atoms. You can do this by selecting the cards representing […]

How to Export Projects to JIRA

JIRA is one of the leading Project Management software systems on the market, which made integrating it into Brainleaf a, HEH, no-brainer. So, if you use JIRA, we’ve made it easy to export your entire scope of work over when you transition from scoping to working. And the process only […]

Archiving Projects

When you are done with a project, one way or another, you can archive it to remove it from your projects list. We know you hate clutter. There are actually three ways to archive a project: 1 – Click the checkbox to the left of the project in the projects […]

Enabling and Disabling Cards

Cards can be turned on and off at will. Say, for instance, if you don’t want to show the number of hours or the price associated with a particular card, you can disable that card. This can be especially useful if you do a lot of a particular project type, […]

Adding Cards To Projects

Cards are, of course, the building blocks of your scope of work. Each card represents an element of a project. Each task needs its own card in order to adequately express the amount of work the project will take. There are two ways to add cards to your project: 1 […]

Filter Projects By Status

Filtering projects by status is super easy. You may have noticed the status count bar across the top of the ‘Projects’ page: Each different status along that bar is also a button, and not just a fancy counter. Click the status type that you’re interested in, and only projects matching […]