Archiving Projects

When you are done with a project, one way or another, you can archive it to remove it from your projects list. We know you hate clutter. There are actually three ways to archive a project: 1 – Click the checkbox to the left of the project in the projects list, then scroll to the top of the page and mouse over the green box with the check mark (which won’t appear until you’ve selected at least one project), and click ‘Archive’. This allows you to archive multiple projects at once.
2 – Click the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side of the project’s row on the ‘My Projects’ list. Inthe box that appears, click the ‘Archive’ option.
3 – If you have the project open, then at the top of the screen, beneath the project’s name, click on the ‘Options’ drop-down. In the list of options that appears, click ‘Archive’.

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