Enabling and Disabling Cards

Cards can be turned on and off at will. Say, for instance, if you don’t want to show the number of hours or the price associated with a particular card, you can disable that card. This can be especially useful if you do a lot of a particular project type, but not every client wants all the bells and whistles. The disable button is easy to find, located on the right-hand side of each card. It’s eady to spot because it looks like a ‘power’ or ‘on/off’ icon that you would find on most computers or gadgets.
Click it, and the card will show as faded out to indicate that it is inactive. On the left-hand side, in the navigation pane, you’ll notice that the card now has a strike through it.
If you click on a card which has subordinate cards, then any subordinates will also be disabled. Disabled cards which have hours and costs associated will be removed from the project’s overall cost calculations.
Enabling cards works in the same way – click the same button to enable a card and all subordinates.

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