How to Export Projects to JIRA

JIRA is one of the leading Project Management software systems on the market, which made integrating it into Brainleaf a, HEH, no-brainer. So, if you use JIRA, we’ve made it easy to export your entire scope of work over when you transition from scoping to working. And the process only […]

Tasks Costs Rates

Tasks, Costs and Rates

For each item in a scope of work, you can enter tasks, to which you will assign a rate type, a cost and a rate amount. These tasks will help you break down the work that needs to be done in your scope of work. BrainLeaf helps you accurately and […]

Card Types

Card Types: Create, Edit, Delete

Cards are the items that will be worked on within a project build process. You can define the card types that will be available to add to all your projects. Card Types When editing your scope of work, you can define each card with a Card Type associate to it. […]

Peer to peer commenting feature

Commenting Feature

Use the commenting feature to ease the communication with your team and the client to build a proper scope of work document for your project in Brainleaf. The commenting feature allows you to add comments on each card of your scope by simply clicking the balloon icon on the top […]

How to use contracts in brainleaf image


Get contracts signed on the fly! When was the last time you lost a project because you waited to send a contract? With Brainleaf, contracts can be auto-generated, prefilled with project info, and sent to your client for a digital signature in less than a minute. Manage Your Contracts Contracts […]

Milestones management

Milestones: Benefits of Contract Milestone Management

When sending your scope to a client in Brainleaf, you can now add custom milestones to your contract, as well as retainage, payment terms and late fees to your contracts. Milestones help you monitor time-dependent deliverables, and control payments associated with those deliverables. Milestones facilitate timely communication with suppliers and can help […]