Exporting To Asana

Exporting To Asana Once you have a project planned and approved by your clients or stakeholders, you still have to do the job. To expedite your process of moving your scope or statement of work into production, BrainLeaf enables you to automatically export to multiple systems including JIRA and Asana, […]

How to Export Projects to JIRA

JIRA is one of the leading Project Management software systems on the market, which made integrating it into Brainleaf a, HEH, no-brainer. So, if you use JIRA, we’ve made it easy to export your entire scope of work over when you transition from scoping to working. And the process only […]

Editions & Pricing

BrainLeaf offers 5 different pricing plans: Individual, Freelancer, Professional, Studio, Agency, and Enterprise. Whether you are just starting out, growing your business, or working with a large organization, we have an edition that will match your needs. When you create an account on BrainLeaf, you’ll automatically be given access to […]

Getting Started with BrainLeaf

BrainLeaf is a Scope of Work or Statement of Work (SOW) building system. This system was built to help people building complicated SOW documents build them faster and easier. Our approach to the SOW build process focuses on the ability to rapidly develop documents either in a standalone system or […]

Project Statuses

The projects statuses represent the the approval status of a project. See the project statuses legend from the ‘My Projects’ page in BrainLeaf by clicking the Status Icon Legend link on the right side of the page. Project Statuses: Projects statuses include the following states of a project: In Progress […]

Archiving Projects

Archiving and unarchiving projects is an important aspect of BrainLeaf because different editions are priced based on the number of active projects. An active project is one that is actively being created, approved by clients or customers, or is in the process of being built. If the maximum number of […]

Billing Methods

Within BrainLeaf there are 4 different ways to show that you are billing your clients within BrainLeaf. These are: Bill by Task Bill by Person / Resource Bill by Project Rate Bill by Flat Fee There are different reasons for billing by these different methods. This article just discusses how […]